A Taste of Broome

Taste of Broome 2019 is a unique music and picture show with cuisine experiences created around the distinctive Indigenous culture within Broome’s multicultural community.

Held once a month over Broome’s peak tourism season, it combines the performing arts mediums of dance and music with film and storytelling to tell the story of the region through a dynamic and rich production that celebrates its history. Combined with arts, crafts and cuisine, a set designer is brought in to turn the venue into a miniature old Broome, evoking an era long gone through the sights, sounds and smells of the past. ATOB involves local individuals, families and businesses giving them an opportunity to promote their services and products through performance, food, arts, crafts and production.

The 2019 show will see doors to the 680-capacity Goolarri Amphitheatre open at 5.30pm, with guests browsing stalls, purchasing food and being ushered to their VIP or General seats by their staff for 90-minute music and picture show.

Promoting the vibrant soul that is the essence of Broome’s identity, this ticket only event showcases music, media, dance, food, arts and crafts, tradition and heritage.  Please visit their website for more information:  www.goolarri.com/atob


Sunday 4th July,

Thursday 1st August,       

Sunday 15th September  

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